CV Preparation

Job hunting in today’s current economic climate can be difficult so to give yourself more chance to get to that interview stage your CV is an important tool for you to achieve this.

Layout and contents are important to your success in impressing the employer, so to start with work out what qualifications, skills and experienced is required for the position you are considering, keep your CV between 2/3 pages in length and paragraphs no more than six lines, as you need to impress the employer but not bore them with too much irrelevant information.

Your CV should allow the reader to quickly skim the CV and pick out what your strengths are. So when you are happy to begin your CV write it in the following suggested format.

The Heading

    • The Name
    • Surname
    • The Address
    • Tele No:
    • E-Mail

Personal Profile

Write down a summary section of your main skills, do not go into a lengthy description.

Write a short concise statement that informs the employer of the type and kind of position you are looking for.

You need to adapt this section for each position you apply for highlighting the various skills you have for that position.


List all of your qualifications in this section, include all of your education and certificates gained, especially those that are related to the job vacancy. If you have little qualifications put down your work experience before your qualifications.

Employment History

This section includes any work experience you have in the field you are applying for beginning with the most recent working backwards.

Each job details should include:

    • Title of position
    • Length you held the post
    • Responsibilities
    • Name of the organization

Activities & Interests

List any activities that you do in your spare time that can be related to your job.

CV references are available on request.

(If you have references include the above statement, if not, always ask people if they will give a reference before you give their names to the employer).

Remember there is no perfect CV as you will always have to vary the contents so that you can present yourself in different ways to different types of employer and the position you are seeking.