Interview Hints & Tips

Getting yourself Prepared for the Interview


    • Research the company thoroughly to get a good idea of their background.
    • Work this information into the interview to show how serious you are about the Position.
    • Make a list of strengths and weaknesses in relation to the job you would be performing. If asked for these during the interview, present weaknesses that could appear as strengths. Ex.: Working too hard, too involved in the job, always staying late, and taking work home.
    • Update CV to include all current information. Double-check it for any spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. Take a copy to the interview, even if you have already sent one in advance.


Prepare several questions that you can ask during the interview to prove interest in the position.


    • When preparing for the interview ask if you are required to bring any additional Information with regards to the position you are applying for.
    • If the salary is flexible, have an amount in mind to aim for. Always start higher to allow room for negotiation.
    • Go to bed early the night before the interview and get a good night’s rest. Everything should be ready to go the next day so you are not rushed.
    • On the day of the interview, call the Recruitment Agency to confirm your appointment and the correct time. Also, review the address and directions if you need them.


Follow these tips to succeed once you are at the actual interview:


    • Allow extra time in getting to the interview in case of unforeseen circumstances such as heavy traffic or an accident. Arrive early especially if you are required to fill out any paperwork before the interview starts. It will expected that you have it finished by your scheduled appointment time.
    • When meeting your interviewer, give a firm handshake, be polite and enthusiastic.
    • Be aware of your body language. Don’t slouch, cross your arms, or look uninterested.
    • Listen to the information and questions carefully. Nothing makes a bad impression that making the interviewer repeat sometime again and again.
    • Think before you speak. Concentrate on what you want to communicate in your answer and speak with confidence.
    • Don’t lie or exaggerate about anything either on your CV application, or during the Interview itself as it may lead to you not getting the Position.
    • When you feel the Interview is coming to a close you need then to be asking closing down questions i.e. do you have any reservations and if they do this is the time to explain them.